Letter to judge written by Donald Bovio leads to his early probation release

Donald Bovio (NYSP)

Court documents revealed a troubling past and criminal record for Donald Bovio including a 2014 arrest for attempted murder.

CNY Central has learned Donald Bovio if convicted on that attempted murder charge would have been looking at up to 20 years in a Massachusetts prison.

But that never happened. Prosecutors were forced to reduce his sentence after the victim refused to testify about what happened.

Instead, he was put on probation until June 8th of this year.

But back in February, Bovio submitted a handwritten letter to a judge asking to get off probation early, according to MassLive, an online news site-which was able to obtain a copy of the letter.

In the letter, he says quote " the reason being I am happly married with my new wife and new stepson that makes me very happy."

He goes to say "I have been very consistent with my probation, been up to date with everything."

A judge granted that request and his probation was terminated on March 6th.

About a month later, he and Alison Bovio moved to Seneca Falls with 3-year old Peter Stephanides-Vacchino.

Donald and Alison Bovio are now sitting in jail facing murder charges for the death of the little boy.

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