Local 9/11 husband speaks out against mosque

Laura Lee Morabito

A 9/11 husband who once lived in Central New York is speaking out against the mosque planned near Ground Zero.

Mark Morabito's wife Laura Lee was on one of the planes that hit the twin towers on September 11th. He says many of the victims families feel like he does, that building the mosque there is only antagonizing people and does not help with the healing process.

"Bottom line, it shouldn't be there, it's not supposed to be there," Morabito said. "I don't want it there, the victim's families don't want it there, it desecrates what happened there. I don't care what anybody says, we've got 2,800 people that were murdered in that location and there's no reason to put that mosque there."

On Sunday there were dueling rallies in New York City with both sides speaking out. Those who support the mosque cite tolerance and religious freedom.But for Morabito, he says the plan has already caused tension and he doesn't want it so close to the place his wife was murdered.

"There's been too much to the muslim side of this," Morabito said. "I don't why because they weren't the people that were murdered that day. That's what really irks me. You're putting all this importance on the mosque, the mosque. What about the victim's families? What about all the people who lost all their rights that day? What about the people who lost everything that day? We're not heard from."

Morabito also says he is upset that President Obama has spoken in support of the mosque.

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