CNY congressional lawmakers frustrated over continued government shutdown

Congressman John Katko does not understand why both parties can’t hash everything out to find a solution. (CNY Central)

It is now week two into the partial government shutdown as President Donald Trump’s border wall remains the great political divide.

Trump said on Friday that he thinks the standoff could be over sooner than people think.

The president also told congressional leaders it could go on for months or longer.

Despite the shutdown, lawmakers are still on the job in Congress.

Those who represent central New York are frustrated, no matter what party they are in.

Lawmakers said they want to come together to find a solution for the country.

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Rep. John Katko (NY-24) is getting national attention for voting with Democrats in the House on Thursday to re-open the government.

Katko sat in CNYCentral’s studio for a satellite interview with CNN'S Anderson Cooper on Friday night.

With this government shutdown happening, Katko is frustrated and believes both the Democrats and Republicans should come together.

“I want to keep the government open. I think it’s a fundamental responsibility of anybody in Congress to keep the government running and I made a promise to my constitutes long ago that I would never vote for a shutdown or continued shutdown,” Katko said.

The congressman said he believes we must secure our border but is not agreeing with funding PresidentTrump's border wall.

Katko does not understand why both parties can’t hash everything out to find a solution.

“If the leaders of both parties would think along those terms a little bit more than worrying about some antics of what the terminology is, I think we would be a lot better off and get a lot more done in this country,” Katko said.

Freshman Democratic Rep. Anthony Brindisi (NY-22) went against his own party on Thursday in not voting for Nancy Pelosi for House speaker.

Brindisi said he supported the bill to reopen the government.

In a statement, Brindisi said "Washington's dysfunction is unacceptable, and Upstate New Yorkers have had enough. That's why I supported a bipartisan solution that reopens the government."

Republican Rep. Tom Reed crossed party lines himself this week, with a vote to change House rules.

Reed is also calling for bipartisan solutions.

"We can and must bring bipartisanship and consensus building back to the United States Congress,” Reed said.

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