Local leaders react to Amazon backing out of state deal


Amazon calls it quits.

The online retail giant pulled out of a deal Thursday to put a second headquarters in New York State.

Sen. Bob Antonacci supported the deal.

"This is not a good day for New York business and it plays into the whole narrative that we are not open for business and that's the wrong way to go," said Antonacci.

In a statement, Amazon called out "state and local politicians" that did not want the company in the area.

Some leaders and neighbors were angry over nearly $3 billion of incentives the state was giving the online retailer.

"What they did to Amazon with hashtags on Twitter like "Scamazon" and the vitriol that was out there and the demonizing words, this is not how you treat a company that was going to bring 25,000 jobs to our borders," said Antonacci.

In a statement, Sen. Rachel May said:

While it is sometimes appropriate to offer tax breaks and other benefits to attract companies to New York State, those deals should be made only after an open and honest dialogue between business leaders, elected officials, and community members. This project did not unfold that way, and the outcome is disappointing. A better process could have resulted in a transformative project.In a statement, Barclay said Thursday's news “is a reflection of the poor business climate in New York State. Even $3 billion of economic development incentives isn’t enough. Time to rethink our economic development policies.

Assemblyman, Bill Magnarelli, said he is "disappointed in the lost opportunity to have 25,000 new jobs in New York State. If there is anything I can do to bring them Upstate, I would."

Assemblyman Will Barclay also said he is "disappointed with today’s news that Amazon is not going to locate in New York State."

Barclay said Thursday's news is "a reflection of the poor business climate in New York State. Even $3 billion of economic development incentives isn’t enough. Time to rethink our economic development policies.”CenterState CEO in Syracuse lobbied hard to get Amazon to Upstate New York."

"The news is not good for New York State. The ability to have HQ2 in New York is great," said Andrew Fish, senior vice president of business and economic develop for CenterState CEO.

Even after the deal fell through in downstate, Andrew Fish with CenterState CEO, said there are still opportunities for Amazon in Upstate New York, pointing our our drone programs and tech corridor.

"We want to support the state and see if that deal can still be made, but we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't raise our hand and say 'Hey, if there's opportunities for Amazon across UPState as it relates to this,' we're happy to participate in those conversations too," said Fish.

Amazon said it will not look elsewhere for its headquarter project and the company will continue to look for opportunities in New York State.

Several other state and local leaders released statements on Thursday regarding the Amazon deal.

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh said:

I am disappointed to see the opportunity lost to bring Amazon to Queens. It’s a blow to all of New York State. I met with business leaders in Syracuse this afternoon to talk about growth and the New Economy. I am convinced Amazon would have benefited our growing tech industry in Syracuse. While some have the luxury of second guessing job creating strategies, we would have welcomed Amazon to Central New York. And we still would!

County Executive J. Ryan McMahon, II said:

Downstate politicians have allowed their personal political agendas to continue to drive business out of New York State. Make no mistake, the decision by Amazon is a loss for all of New York and the blame lies solely with the downstate politicians who would rather play politics than actually fight for real, good-paying jobs. The business community should know that Onondaga County and Central New York are open for business and we would gladly welcome any company, big or small, new or established, that is interested in relocating or expanding.
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