Local limo company offers safety tips for your next ride

After hearing about the tragedy in Schoharie, Washington has had second thoughts. (CNY Central)

Patique Washington of Syracuse looks forward to her annual wine tour each fall.

After hearing about the tragedy in Schoharie, Washington has had second thoughts.

“It's kind of nerve-wracking to think that Mommy can't go to have safe fun and then come back my children will be nervous about where I am,” Washington said.

Washington is now doing her homework to make sure the limo company she has booked with is operating safe vehicles.

Experts said checking the United States Department of Transportation’s Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website should be your first step.

You can find information on the company’s operating status, vehicle, and inspection records.

“It’s not something that was ever on my mind until now. When I was researching the companies, the different companies I looked at all of the reviews beforehand,” Washington said.

People should also ask about driver certifications which show if drivers have completed their medical examines, background checks and have met other qualifications.

Walkabout Limousine Service in Tully says you also want to check references and reviews.

The company also allows clients to come in and look at their vehicles before the actual booking.

Walkabout Limousine Service believes it’s important to be observant for issues with limos.

“In light of recent events, I think it should be more expected that people will come on site and physically look at their limousines and inspect them in person then before putting down a deposit which most of the time is nonrefundable,” operator of Walkout Limousine Service Carrie Curtis said.

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