Local medical team on the way to West Africa, needs your help

Syracuse is the smallest city in the U S that sends an orthopedic team to do hip and knee replacements in needy countries. They're fundraising for a trip to Ghana.

It takes about a quarter million dollars to fund a Syracuse medical team's mission to replace hips and knees in patients in needy countries.

Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists (SOS) is planning a trip to Ghana, in West Africa, this fall, and is fundraising for it now.

Dr. Seth Greenky, orthopedic surgeon at SOS, is an executive director of Operation Walk Syracuse, and tells us that a 13-prize raffle is the latest effort at underwriting the latest mission. The Syracuse branch of Operation Walk is in the smallest US city to mount such campaigns.

The deadline to buy raffle tickets is March 30th. They cost $50 each, by check . Mailed requests can go to Operation Walk Syracuse at 5824 Widewaters Parkway, East Syracuse 13057.

The drawing will be at Widewaters Parkway this coming Saturday, March 31 at 10am. Questions answered at (315) 251-3102.

The moneys collected will be used to fund free hip and knee replacements in Ghana. For more information on the Ghana Mission:

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