Local pest control sees spike in calls after bed bugs found at several CNY schools

BED BUG PICS_frame_267.png

It is a creepy, crawly problem that has parents and kids around Central New York grossed out.

"The scary part about bed bugs is there is nothing you can do to 100 percent prevent getting them," Jennifer Savastino, owner of Gannon Pest Control, said.

With several schools in the area reporting sightings of the blood sucking bugs, the phone at Gannon Pest Control has been ringing a lot.

Homeowners want their houses checked.

However, pest control experts said many times it is not necessary if the signs of infestation are not there.

"I think we just need to take a breath and say 'What do we need to look for?' and be a little bit more diligent," Savastino said.

Savastino said they can come out and inspect, but in several calls over the past few days, no one is getting bit and there is no sign of the bugs in and around the mattress.

"When we go into homes that are showing signs it's usually a pretty significant problem," Savastino said.

Savastino also said just because they did not find anything today does not mean a bug will not show up tomorrow.

If parents are concerned about the creepy critters, Savastino advises them to check the sheets for blood dots because bed bugs bite at night.

Also, check the mattress seam.

And when kids come home from school...

"Have them change right away. Throw the clothes they wore that day in the washing machine. Check their bag. Empty all of their books. Do a very thorough detailed check," Savastino said.

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