CNY political expert reacts to President Trump's UN speech: 'This is unusual'

Political science professor Jonathan Parent said the laughter in the international setting is not something we see a lot. (CNY Central)

There was audible laughter from the UN General Assembly during President Donald Trump's speech on Tuesday when he said his administration has accomplished more than almost any other administration.

“That part was a little unusual. The chuckles were unprecedented," said LeMoyne College Assistant Professor Jonathan Parent. "As far as the speech itself goes, it was standard come to expect from Trump anyway in the sense that it was very nationalistic and very focused on what he’s called his Americas First agenda."

Parent said the laughter in the international setting is not something we see a lot.

Parent was surprised with Trump's "America first" theme — given the international audience.

"That tends to happen a little bit more in domestic type speeches but in terms of speaking to world leaders and in that context, it's unusual. I can't think of an example of that happening before,” Parent said.

Voters in Syracuse have different reactions after seeing the exchange between the president and United Nations leaders.

“He's been rude to other politicians, other people that are leaders of the world,” Grace Fox said.

“And the way he handled it, he said I didn’t expect that response but that’s okay so he lightened it up,” Ed Karl said.

Historically speaking, Parent said with previous administrations they have been careful on what they said in international speeches.

During these speeches past presidents would often use a lot of diplomatic protocol.

Parent said with President Donald Trump, Americans haven’t seen that just yet.

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