Lost A Pet? Theres An App For That

It can be a stressful time when our pets go missing. Now, there's a new tool to help track them down.

It can be a stressful time when our pets go missing. Now, there's a new tool to help track them down. And, all you need is your smartphone.

Dave S
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igalow can open doors.

"It's just absolute panic as I'm running after him telling him to come back," says Dave Sipley of Syracuse.

Biglow is known to run off two to three times a week. So keeping a close eye on him, can be quite challenging.

"I've clocked him in my car at 20 miles an hour. I can't keep up with him on foot," says Sipley.

Because many animals may like to play the running game, veterinarians swear by microchipping animals to track them when they go missing.

"Most vet clinics and shelters have scanners so as long as they're microchipped and as long as they're registered. Because that's another thing. Sometimes they're get microchipped in a vet clinic. And, if the owner doesn't register the chip, the chip is not good," says Shanna Zecker, Stack Veterinary Hospital.

But when it comes to your furry friend, some say they would do just about anything to make sure their pets are safe. Even if that means finding additional protection.

Well, there's an app for that. Its called 'PIP.' It's a way for pet owners to upload a picture along with a description onto the app. And, anyone who has the app can see it. And, its a way for them to help you find your animal.

If your pet runs away from home, the owner can activate the amber alert. It will send a notification to local animal hospitals, shelters and social media outlets. That way you have more eyes on the lookout.

For pet owner, Nick Daller, he thinks it's a great idea.

"Scarlett is like my daughter. I love her and if she were to run away, I would never really get over it. thats why we have multiple layers of protection," says Daller.


nd for dogs like B
igalow who like to run the extra mile and for owners like Dave Sipley, he says he'll try anything to keep his best bud by his side.

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