Lyft is spreading the love this Valentine's Day with a little help from a friend

Lyft (MGN Online)

Lyft is getting some help this Valentine's Day with a little help from a friend.... Otto!

Lyft is partnering with Syracuse Athletics to show their love to the Syracuse community said the ride-share company.

All day Wednesday Otto will be riding around in Lyft handing out free chocolate roses and $20 free ride credits around the city.

Locations include Destiny USA as well as Marshall Street and University Avenue Lyft said.

Lyft said they will also be giving a discount, 50% or up to $5, off two rides to people using the promo code SYRLOVE18 and are traveling to or from these locations:

  • Clinton Square Ice Rink
  • Francesca‚Äôs Cucina
  • Lemon Grass
  • Carrier Dome
  • Dinosaur BBQ

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