Madison County man gets life-saving kidney transplant

Michael DeMaintenon celebrated recieving a new kidney from living donor Jessica Green at Upstate University Hospital

Today was a day Michael DeMaintenon wasn't sure would come. He celebrated receiving a new kidney from living donor Jessica Green at Upstate University Hospital. The surgery was just over a month ago.

"Everyday it got a little bit easier like every day the incision pain got better or decreased, um my strength came back a little every day," explained DeMaintenon.

We introduced you to Michael in February-in his happy place-his fifth grade classroom at Durhamville Elementary School.

That's when he shared his kidney function had plummeted to just 10%. That's 14 years after being diagnosed with kidney failure.

He knew he needed a transplant and never really feared losing this battle.

"I'm gonna have this operation, and I'm going to insert myself back into my life. So it was kind of in the background but I never really feared that outcome," he said.

Jessica Green is a family friend who was a match-and says she's humbled by this experience.

"Kind of a no-brainer to give, to give a kidney. A kidney seemed pretty small compared to giving an entire life, so it was my delight to do that," said Green.

"You drop a pencil on the floor and someone picks it up for you, you say thank you, someone donates an organ you say thank you, but the 'thank-yous' aren't equal. I can't possibly put enough emphasis into the humility I feel and the gratefulness I feel towards her," explained DeMaintenon.

"You're given this new hand to play, um, something great has to come out of it, and however that looks I don't know, but I'm excited to be a part of it," said DeMaintenon.

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