Man found dead in home by Onondaga County lawmaker

114 Manilla St in the city of Syracuse.

On Sunday afternoon, a man on Manilla Street in Syracuse, was discovered dead in his house by County Legislator Bob Andrews.

Andrews was canvassing the area while he noticed a stack of newspapers and flies on the window. It was then that he called police who found the man dead inside.

"A few things seemed out of place to me, as I got closer to the door I realized something was amiss. Decided that the best thing to do was to call it in," says Andrews. "Even the firefighters confirmed my suspicions as they approached it that they've seen that situation before unfortunately. They broke down the door and that's when they found the gentleman who had passed away."

Wilson Ogletree is one of the neighbors who lives near by on the dead end street. "

I asked him


is he home



e said no there's all these papers. Then he stated that there was flies in the window and I said I noticed that too. He said maybe it's the trash and I said if you got flies in the window and no windows open, I'm not an expert but 9 times out of 10 that's somebody that passed away

," says Ogletree.

Lorie Thompson was another neighbors who lives right next door. "

We have asked him his name he refuses to give it to you. I have no clue why.


e'd introduce ourselves as Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, me and my husband. No response back to what his name was... ever,"

says Thompson.

Neighbors say he was very quiet and kept to himself, and after trying to get to know him, they were unsuccessful at forming a relationship with the man.

As a way to increase face to face interaction with your neighbors


co-workers or family members, doctors say that it's easiest to start with a conversation that is easy to talk about and non-intrusive, such as gardening


Dr. David Keith is a psychiatric professor at SUNY Upstate. "T

he person many signal, doesn't want to give you his name or particularly want to know you, but it's ok to talk about lilacs because that's less personal that's indirect. Anything about another person carries with it some kind of threat

," says Keith.

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