Man ordered to leave parents' home filed suit against Best Buy in 2017

Michael Rotondo is seen in court on Tuesday (CNYCentral Photo)

The court case filed against Michael Rotondo by his parents is not the first time the Camillus man has represented himself in court; he is also involved in an ongoing employment discrimination lawsuit against Best Buy.

According to court filings, Rotondo was dismissed from his job at the Destiny USA Best Buy in December 2015 when he did not go into work on the weekend. Rotondo's suit against Best Buy, filed in May 2017, claims his termination was unfair and demands $330,000 in damages.

Rotondo claims he had an agreement with management to avoid working on Saturdays so he could spend time with his child, according to documents. Rotondo claims female employees were granted greater latitude.

Best Buy denies Rotondo's claims, and they are defending the suit which has progressed to depositions but has not yet gone to trial.

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Rotondo became the subject of a viral story earlier this week when he was ordered by a judge to leave his parents' home in Camillus.

According to filings to the Supreme Court of New York State, Christina and Mark Rotondo claimed they had been trying to get their son to leave the home for several months, giving him five notices and even offering him $1,100 "so you can find a place to stay."

"It seems to me like I should be provided with, you know, 30 days or so, because generally, you get 30 days after you're found, you know, to have to vacate the premises," Rotondo said after appearing in court Tuesday.

Rotondo said Tuesday he intends to appeal the judge's decision.

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