Man sentenced after admitting to neglecting 143 alpacas that died in Marathon


VILLAGE OF MARATHON, CORTLAND CO, N.Y.--Just before 6:30 Wednesday evening Dayton woods walked into village court in Marathon to learn his punishment after he pleaded guilty to neglecting 143 alpacas who died in March 2016.

Neighbors say they have followed this, and Clyde Stoker is a retired farmer.

"If they'd froze to death that would've been a little bit different but they just literally let them starve," Stoker said, "you would've thought neighbors going and coming would've thought something was going on. There's a lot of rail fences up there and everything so it's ideal for what it was set up for," he said.

Our cameras were not allowed in the courtroom, where Wood learned he'd be serving nine months in jail. He apologized to the judge, saying he was 'truly sorry ' wants to move on from this.

We tried for comment as officers took him out.

His family was emotional walking out.

The District Attorney of Cortland County says they were hoping for more jail time but can live with this.

"The judge heard from both sides and he rendered a fair decision," said Hon. Patrick Perfetti, "we're satisfied with it, and we hope the community's satisfied with it."

Meantime Humane Law Enforcement officers hope this case sparks a conversation about New York State laws dealing a harsher punishment to those who abuse or neglect domestic animals.

Right now it's a lesser charge than abusing a cat or dog.

"Hopefully we can all maybe get together and come up with something that's a little bit, little bit more fitting to this type of situation," said Officer William Carr.

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