Manlius Fire Department celebrates Bicentennial birthday

The view over Manlius, perched above Fire Station 1.


Manlius Fire Department
is celebrating its Bicentennial Birthday by inviting neighbors to take a step back in time.

Established in 1813, t

he Manlius Fire Department is the oldest department in Central New York.


mark the anniversary, the department is opening its firefighting museum to the public this weekend, at Fire Station 1 on Stickley Drive.

Visitors will get to check out antique firefighting pump trucks and other equipment.

Chief John Buskey says fighting fires 200 years ago was much different than it is today.

"Each piece actually had one job, so hand trucks would pump the water for us, hose carts would bring the hose

and chemical carts that would bring the extinguisher," he explained. "Every piece did one job where as now everything goes on one truck, or a couple of trucks."

The Museum will open Saturday and Sunday at noon.

There will also be a parade at 11 a.m. Saturday, and a fireworks display.

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