Marching to glory: C-NS Band to perform in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

C-NS Marching Band heads to Macy's Thanksgiving parade

For the Cicero North Syracuse Marching Band it is a moment two years in the making. A moment that these band members have been preparing for their entire careers. A moment that after years of hard work has finally arrived.

Marching Band member Emily Hogan said it’s an experience she can’t wait to share with her fellow band members.

“When this was announced we lost it. It was amazing, it was the greatest feeling in the world” she said.

The journey from Cicero to New York City started more than two years ago with an application online, not just any application; Macy's application required high resolution pictures of the band, a resume with detailed information on the bands awards, competitions and special honors, plus letters of recommendation and press clippings. Perhaps, the most important part of the application was an audition tape of the band in action, which got Macy’s attention and ultimately led to CNS becoming just one of seven high school marching bands, out of more than 100 to be selected to perform on Thanksgiving Day.

The band found out they'd be marching in the parade in April of 2017. Since then, band members like Senior Drum Major Aiden Blaylock have endured more than one hundred hours of extra practices, parades and appearances all of it to get ready for this one special day.

"We've taken this band such a long way and I'm so honored to be part of the finest marching band and to be able to share this with them is just amazing. It's once in a lifetime " Blaylock said.

Jeff Swanson, President of the C-NS Northstar Boosters knows what it’s like to March across the famous Macy’s Star.

“I can remember everything from the minute we left to the minute we came back” Swanson said.

He did just that as a band member with the Jamestown High School Marching band 29 years ago. An experience his son Tyler Swanson will soon be able to share with his day. Tyler said it’s surreal to be able to share this with his father.

"It's such a once in a lifetime experience so for it to happen to me too. It means the world to me ....", Swanson said.

While the C-NS band’s Thanksgiving Day performance is just a few minutes long, Senior Drum Major Aiden Blaylock said the memories it will create, will last a lifetime.

" I feel like this is going to be the thing I get to tell my kids about and maybe help them too go to the marching band and maybe they'll go to the Macy's parade eventually”, Blaylock said.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will kick off Thursday at 9 a.m. You can watch the parade on NBC3 and see the C-NS Marching Band take to the streets of New York, as it marches in the historic parade.

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