Mattydale neighbors upset over rowdy teens at convenience store

Byrne Dairy.png

Some people who live in Mattydale are sick and tired of what they describe as chaos at a nearby convenience store.

Neighbors said the Byrne Dairy is a hang out site for teenagers and is a hotbed for all sorts of problems, including fights and noise at all hours of the day.

Angela Piepolia has been in living across from the Byrne Dairy for years.

"I see everything from my bedroom window," said Piepolia.

She said she has a front row seat to the commotion.

"Does it keep you up sometimes at night?" asked Dan Messineo.

"Yes, I've literally thought about going over there and saying something because it's so loud," said Piepolia.

Onondaga County Sheriff's officials said they have been called out to the Byrne Dairy 14 times in the last six months.

They reported the majority of the calls are for fights.

A Byrne Dairy spokesperson said they are aware of the issue and they are working with authorities to "curb loitering inside and outside of the store."

"A lot of kids over there, fighting, cursing. I've literally seen them punch and slap a guy in the face," said Piepolia.

Peipolia is not the only one who is speaking out.

Several people took to the Mattydale Neighborhood Watch Facebook page to post concerns.

One person wrote it is a "shame."

Another posted the groups of teens are "intimidating."

Lacey Kline is a mom and she worries about letting her kids play outside in the area.

"There's a lot of commotion going on over there. There's a lot of police over there. a lot of sheriffs. state troopers," said Kline.

Kline said after living in the area for only six months, she is considering moving again.

"There's a lot of police action. we hear the helicopter at night sometimes. it's not what we want," said Kline.

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