Members of the Fayetteville YMCA react to man peeking in showers


FAYETTEVILLE, N.Y.---It's total shock for members coming in and out of the Fayetteville YMCA at Towne Center.

Word is spreading quickly about the arrest of a man who was a member there.

Paul Rolince is accused of peeking into showers- watching a 19 year-old in one instance, and a 13 year-old in another.

Diane Lomonaco says the YMCA is a place she always feels secure.

"I think it's great for kids, I think it's just a great place to work out. MK: And tell me how you feel when you're there. DIANE: I feel comfortable, I feel safe I mean I don't expect anything bad to happen there," said Lomonaco.

But the criminal case that started in the men's locker room leaves her with a troubling feeling.

"Kind of creepy, not safe, not comfortable to take a shower at all now," explained Lomonaco.

"I guess it kind of just goes against the trust of everyone in there," said member David Fickhman, "MK: How would you react to a situation like that? DAVID: I don't know I'd probably just be like what the heck dude why are you peeping on everyone. Then probably tell someone."

We went to Rolince's home to see if he wanted to talk, and there was no answer.

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