Men credited with saving 2 from burning Syracuse home

The house fire on Peters Street in Syracuse / Photo: Brian Erb

Two Syracuse men are being hailed as heroes for saving two people from a burning house on Syracuse's north side.

Wilson Ogletree just happened to be passing by when flames broke out just after 11:00 a.m. Monday at home on Peters Street, off of Butternut Street. He and another man are credited with pulling an adult and child from the burning home.

Him, another gentleman and me, we see someone laying on the floor, so we go in there. He was out, so we just pulled him out of the fire said Ogletree.

Police are calling the men heroes for running into the house to save the victims.

The local chapter of the Red Cross says it is assisting three families left homeless by the fire. A total of five adults and four children were living in the house.

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