Mexico hit with more snow and bitter cold

Mexico hit with more snow and bitter cold .png

Monday night a mean lake effect band that clogged streets in Mexico with deep snow.

Its another night of digging out for neighbors in Mexico.

"It's been going, I like the snow so it's not bothering me, " Melodye McMahon of Mexico, said.

And the single digit temperatures, make it even harder to clear all these piles of snow.

Janet Stauffer has lived here for three years and said what's already on the ground is just too much for her to handle.

"I shoveled this morning, so I came out this afternoon and there's another foot and a half it's crazy," Janet Stauffer explained.

To make it worse, she said its only the begin of the season.

"This is crazy, the last couple of winters have not been anywhere near like this, so coming up here I knew what we were getting was not the norm, but I think this is the norm," Stauffer added.

This mother and daughter have each other to get through another lake effect storm. Both have lived in Mexico for a couple of years.

Emily Thompson lives five minutes from school and said its tough to walk there this time of year.

"Most people don't shovel it or anything so you're either walking on the road watching for cars when half the time you can't see or you're walking knee-deep in snow so it's really difficult sometimes," Emily Thompson explained.

But many neighbors plan to bundle up and stick it out.

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