Boss of victim found missing after two months speaks out

Owner of Frank and Mary's Diner, speaks out after hearing from his employee for the first time after she went missing two months ago.

The details of this case are disturbing, authorities said he kidnapped his girlfriend -- reportedly beat her, kept her tied to furniture, and raped her.

The 25-year-old victim and a mother of four from Cortland, was found thousands of miles away at a motel in Nevada.

According to the NYEE County Sheriff's Office, 23-year-old Jon Turner from Elmira, beat the victim during a fight. Police said he then brought her back to a motel room and handcuffed her to a piece of furniture.

Somehow, she was able to escape, and ran to get help.

The two started dating in early august, just weeks before she was reported missing.

According to the victim - she was forced to leave New York .

She said Turner threatened to kill her if she didn't go with him.

The victim's mother tells us she is just grateful, knowing her daughter is alive and is set to come home is a relief.

We sat down at the diner where the victim worked.

Back on August 25th, Thomas Hartnett knew it wasn't right that one of his employees never showed up for her midnight shift.

"There was no sign of not wanting to be here," Hartnett, owner of Frank and Mary's Diner, said.

After feeling uneasy, Hartnett called her mother the next morning to let her know what happened.

"None of it really made a lot of sense that's when I said to her I know it's not 24-hours but I said to her you might want to put a missing persons report out," Hartnett added.

After family and friends spent months searching for answers, she was found alive after being beaten and handcuffed in a motel room in Nevada.

And Saturday Hartnett spoke to her for the first time.

"She's okay, she laughed which it great especially what she went through and cried," Hartnett explained.

Hartnett says it was good to hear her voice.

He's happy for the victim's family and that she will be reunited with her four kids.

"She's a survivor, so hopefully that she can move on," Hartnett said.

Lucky to be alive but still a long road to recovery.

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