More community members speak out following Theta Tau videos

The disturbing videos coming out of Syracuse University's Theta Tau fraternity have mocked and disrespected just about every group in the community.

The second Theta Tau video released by The Daily Orange this past weekend took aim at people with disabilities.

"I was heartbroken," Priya Penner said.

Penner is a Syracuse University student and said the video is just one example of what she and other "marginalized" people have to deal with.

"It's saying to them and to me that disabled lives and disabled people aren't worth seeing as people," Penner said.

The video shows what appears to be a skit.

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Theta Tau members are acting out the sexual assault of a man in a wheelchair.

Tania Anderson is chief executive officer for ARISE, which is a nonprofit in central New York, serving people with disabilities.

"I felt physically sick watching that video," Anderson said. "It's shocking to me that at this time and place that kind of video even exists."

Anderson said the video is abusive and demeaning.

She reports that one in five people in the community live with a disability.

She points out that at least one person in the room during the skit knows someone with a disability or has a disability themselves.

"This is wrong. We don't do this to people. We don't do this to our family members. We don't do this to our neighbors," Anderson said.

The Theta Tau fraternity has been kicked off campus.

Syracuse University is investigating 18 members who now face disciplinary action.

"We can choose to make this an opportunity where this kind of behavior is called out. Where we can rally as a community and say this is not okay," Anderson said.

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