More than a dozen cats rescued from hoarded Camillus house

More than a dozen cats rescued from hoarded Camillus house

Allegations of animal cruelty in Camillus have resulted in the removal of about a dozen cats from a home officials say was covered in filth.

The CNY SPCA says the homeowner, identified as 63-year-old Deborah Carpenter, faces several counts of animal cruelty. Investigators this isn't the first time this has happened; she was arrested six years ago for animal abuse, according to investigators.

The CNY SPCA went into the home on Armstrong Road to remove the animals in suits because of the deplorable living conditions.

They said the home is covered in garbage.

A refrigerator, an empty cat cage and several piles of junk covered with tarps are just some of the garbage piled outside this Camillus home.

On the inside, it's even worse.

" A lot of debris, garbage, trash throughout the house, feces, urine, and very hard to move around inside the house, litter boxes overflowing," William Pulaski, animal cruelty investigator, said.

The CNY SPCA rescued 15 cats and one dog Tuesday morning, many with upper respiratory and eye infections.

"We had Tyvek suits on and respirators on of the things, was the ammonia levels were extremely high," Pulaski explained.

But the job's not done , they suspect at least 50 cats total have been living in this hoarded house-- some too sick to make it out alive.

The upstairs conditions are so horrible, investigators couldn't access it because of health and safety issues.

"We do have a heart trap set up and we are checking those constantly and just as soon as we get them we can transport them back to the shelter," Pulaski added.

Patricia Anson has driven past this house everyday for years.

Anson says she has seen animals around the house, but didn't know the owner had that many inside.

"I saw a dog control truck, the SPCA truck and lots of animal carriers for the animals and lots of people dressed in hazmat suits," Anson described.

The CNY SPCA said these animals have along road ahead, they're now in the process of evaluating them in hopes that they can be adopted out.

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