Mother supports legislation to combat drug trafficking

Kim Lounsbury said fentanyl is one of the most deadly and addictive drugs in the U.S.

Senator Chuck Schumer's legislation would "hold China accountable" and sanction laboratories exporting fentanyl to the U.S.

The legislation would deny the traffickers visas in the U.S. and would prohibit them from doing any type of business with American banks.

It's been three years since Kim Lounsbury's son, Richard, died. She said he was addicted to fentanyl.

"Not only is it the most deadliest opioid out there it's the most addictive opioid out there, it's the hardest to get clean from," Lounsbury said.

Senator Chuck Schumer's bill would target China for running what many, including Lounsbury believe, is a pipeline of death from overseas to here.

"They're profiting off of people's deaths," Lounsbury said.

Her son, Richard, was only 25-years-old when he died.

"When he left the rehab, his dealer was in the rehab, when he got out he wasn't able to get fentanyl and he chose to do heroin and the first time he did it he died," Lounsbury said.

Kim believes China is the prime target of Senator Schumer's proposed legislation because making the drug there is very cheap and selling it in the U.S. provides big profit.

Richard Lounsbury's family members have taken up the issue of opioids and said new laws could help, but we need a very broad approach. Richard's sister, Savannah, said mental health should be a focus.

"The problem isn't the drug dealers, it's the mental health because as much as you punish or you're going to take away this drug, you're going to find new drugs to do the people who are doing it they need the help," Savannah Lounsbury said.

Kim thinks just about everything needs to change.

"I think our judicial system first of all is way too soft, I think we have allowed drug dealers to overtake our countries which has now overtaken our children," Lounsbury said.

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