Mountain Goat Run reviewing security plan after Boston bombing

Mountain Goat Run

The tragedy at the Boston Marathon finish line is putting the spotlight on runs across the country, even bringing attention to Syracuse's annual Mountain Goat Run that is coming up on Sunday, May 5th.

Organizers are meeting with Syracuse Police next week to talk about security and possibly create a heightened plan for the 10-mile run through the city.

"We are reviewing our security plans or emergency action plan," says Matt Werder, Marketing Director for the Mountain Goat Run. "We have those things in place, we want to make sure what we have planned is going to be sufficient for this year in light of what happened in Monday."

Rather than being scared of what happened in Boston, organizers say they're seeing more people signing up. They are ready to run in support of victims, their families, and all of the runners who didn't get to cross the finish line in Boston.

"From the stories we've heard out of Boston, of people finishing the marathon and going straight to the hospital to donate blood, to runs taking place throughout the country, just for runs, people gathering to do something to honor those who were injured and lost their lives. It's people signing up for the Mountain Goat because they want to participate," says Werder.

Tuesday had the most registrations so far and there's still time to sign up. If the 10-mile course through hilly terrain isn't for you, there is a 3-K run on flat land. There is also a half-mile run geared toward children.

"The response that we've seen from runners all over is, I think, pretty typical of what is such a close knit, caring community of people," says Werder, who has ran in the Boston Marathon before. "Rather than being scared of what happened on Monday, and avoiding events, people are wanting to go out and be a part of the event and show that we're going to move forward."

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