'My heart is broken': Central New Yorkers horrified by mass church shooting in Texas

'My heart is broken;' Central New Yorkers are horrified by mass church shooting in Texas

Neighbors here in Central New York are horrified to hear about the man, Devin Patrick Kelley, who opened fire inside a Texas Church Sunday, killing 26 people and 20 others injured.

A moment dedicated to the victims and their families of the Baptist Church shooting in the small Texas town of Sutherland Springs.

"My heart is broken, it's very emotional, all I think about is the families," Michael Skrupa of Syracuse said.

Many shocked and shaken by the mass shooting that happened at a place of worship, similar to The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception.

"It's very disturbing any place that it happens and obviously as a rector of the cathedral we are very concerned," Father Neil Quartier said.

Church goers sent out an extra prayer at tonight's service.

The cathedral says its security has been stepped up by adding cameras since its restoration.

"It's very difficult for you to stop someone from what they did in Texas... it's just a sign of some difficult times in our culture," Father Qaurtier explained.

Father Quartier says he's always aware when at the alter -- but will continue to be more cautious of his surroundings.

"We are watching people and hoping we don't have an incident like that here but it can happen anywhere," Father Quarter added.

Many hope unity and faith will help them through this heartbreaking time.

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