National Grid scam targeting local customers

National Grid customers are the target of a new scam. The energy company is warning that scammers posing as employees are trying to steal customers' identities. These scammers were recently spotted in the Eastwood section of Syracuse. So far, 140 upstate New York customers have reported scamming to National Grid.

"A man rang the doorbell, and he had a white binder in his hand with a copy of a National Grid bill on it that was laminated, and he explained to me that I was paying service fees," said Eastwood resident Mary Klee. "He asked if I had been using my air conditioning and I said yes. And he said I was definitely paying these extra fees that I don't need to be. [He said] if you go get me a copy of your bill, we'll work on saving you the money from the fees."

National Grid said employees aren't just being approached in person. "These opportunists are approaching our customers door-to-door, texting, emails, phone calls - things of that nature in any way they can gather that information," said National Grid Media Relations Manager Virginia Limmiatis. "And mainly what they're looking for is bank account information and a social security number."

National Grid requires all employees going door-to-door must wear a photo ID badge. Not seeing one is a warning sign that someone may be trying to scam you. National Grid is also urging customers to contact the company and local police if they suspect they are the target of this scam.

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