Neighbors concerned about shocking animal abuse in Palermo

Neighbors concerned about shocking animal abuse in Palermo

Allegations of animal abuse out of Oswego County, surprisingly come from a place that exists to protect rescued animals.

The Humane Society said dozens of animals are being kept at "Hooves, Claws and Paws animal rescue" off Hare Road in the town of Palermo.

There are complaints the property is an eyesore.

A horse, alpacas, goats, donkeys, cows, pigs and more, all live there.

But the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) claims there is not enough space for all the animals.

It said the owners don't live there and claim there's no running water, they also claim the food is rat-infested and the water bowls are filthy.

The first tip on this case came back in July, state police said.

The Oswego County SPCA and neighbors in Palermo were worried about more than a dozen animals. All these months later they’re even more concerned.

When you pass this house on Hare Road in Palermo, you notice the property for all the wrong reasons.

"They've been here for about two years and they keep bringing in more animals and more junk," Karissa Mills said, who lives in the neighborhood.

A camper appears to be vacant, junk covers the yard, and what most neighbors are upset about are the animals locked up in tarp covered cages.

"I find it disgusting that somebody could keep animals on the property like this and not actually take care of them," Mills added.

Mills grew up in this neighborhood, and she’s noticed the property covered with rats.

The HSUS and the Palermo Town Supervisor said the place bills itself as an animal rescue called "Hooves, Claws and Paws."

"I have no problem with people having animals or even a lot of animals but as long as you take care of them properly," Mills added.

The president of the Oswego County SPCA wants to get a veterinarian to check on the animals. But without consent from the owner, that can’t happen.

"I think about what we can't see, I know what we can see from the road but why can't we see what kind of conditions are there? There are piles of Manure where these animals are living in, yes there is food and water but if there's rats on the premises, is that food and water contaminated by the rats?" Oswego County SPCA President, Tanya Semchenko questioned.

The Oswego County District Attorney was at the property tonight, but wouldn’t say if he’s building a case of any sort.

Meantime, pressure is building from the HSUS and the Palermo Town Supervisor to do something.

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