Neighbors frustrated over snow plowing following storm

snowy roads not.png

A weekend makes a big difference.

Elmhurst Ave. and several other side streets on the south side are now cleared.

However, the roads sat snow covered late last week while many other roads in town had been plowed.

"There cars stuck all over the place when it snows like it did the other day," Les Dawson said.

Neighbors in the area said it is not uncommon for the snow to sit on the area roads longer than others and said it is frustrating.

"This is the last areas that they do. especially, these side streets. they're terrible," Dawson said.

For the delayed response, the City of Syracuse put out an apology, which said this storm hit early and DPW did not have its full winter staff.

Not everyone gave the city a failing grade for this snow storm.

"The turnover time for getting most of these in between streets were they were done pretty fast," Jeff Smith said.

After snow hits the Salt City, crews have more than 400 miles of road to plow.

City leaders said the plow crews hit the main roads first and then head to side roads.

However, neighbors in this area says sometimes they have to wait for two or three days before plows drive down their road.

"Plow the roads when it snows like this. When you get a Noreaster the roads need to be plowed," Dawson said.

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