Neighbors furious over proposed Verizon cell tower

Tower in Manlius

While signs throughout Pompey say no cell towers near homes, neighbors really put it best. They say not in my backyard.

Sharon Hochstein moved to Pompey 20 years ago to live next to horses and trees.

"We actually chose this location because we wanted to be out in the country and we wanted to raise out children in a place where they could run free," says Hochstein.

A proposed Verizon tower is something she would hate to see come right next to her home on Indian Hill Road.

"It would have a generator. Generator? How many decibels is that going to be," says Hochstein.

Since neighbors were told of the proposal last month they say they've been concerned about loss of property value, radiation and fires.

Ben Rabin lives in Pompey. "There are cell phone tower fires and the area where they propose to put this doesn't have water so how is the fire department supposed to put it out," says Rabin.

Neighbors living in Pompey are now calling on others living here to voice their concerns in front of Verizon and the Zoning Board of Appeals. There is a meeting Monday night at 7pm in the town's highway garage next to Town Hall.

"I think that anybody that might be impacted by this thing should come out tomorrow night," says Rabin.

We reached out to Verizon, but were unable to get a comment.

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