Neighbors helping neighbors after winter storm

Clifton snow hero

A Syracuse man is being hailed as the "Clifton snow hero" after he cleared the entire sidewalk after the winter storm over the weekend.

The sweet act of kindness was captured on camera as he made his way down Clifton Pl. in Eastwood.

Sandy Vavonese was relaxing at home with her family on Saturday night when she heard a snowblower and got up and saw a gentleman going up and down the sidewalk.

"It's very rare to see such kindness in today's world," Sandy said.

This small act of kindness means so much more for Sandy who's husband is dealing with bronchitis right now so when it snows, it falls on her to take care of the cleanup.

"When I got out there and I saw him taking care of the sidewalk it was such a relief, one less thing for me to do."

She posted the video of the kind gesture on a Facebook group and it turns out it's a neighbor who live just a few doors down. Tonight she has a message for him - thank you.

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