Neighbors in Adams prepare for strong wind gusts

Neighbors in Adams could experience wind gusts up to 60 mph

Over the past few months, people living in Adams have experienced many different weather alerts. Last week Adams was hit with a downpour of snow, then came icy road conditions, and now they are expecting strong wind gusts.

Neighbors say it is truly unpredictable.

"Weather patterns can change drastically with slight wind shifts, you can have sun one day the next it's snowing to the point you can't see where you're going," Fred Morris said.

Spokesperson for Adams Fire Department, Bob Simpson, told us it was a challenge last week dealing with around three feet of snow that turned to ice quickly.

Fire officials and neighbors here told us it's best to always stay alert.

"We watch the weather, we listen on our phones and we check with each other," Marian Higgins said.

"When we have high winds like that we have a high number of calls, we have some trees and limbs down power lines down," Simpson said.

Simpson said there is still ice on tree branches which makes them more vulnerable during a wind storm, so they are preparing for whatever comes their way.

"We did last night we got all of our generators out and our pumps and ran them and made sure they were working, and our chain saws," Simpson said.

Their fire department is made up on volunteers, so there are 57 members standing by.

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