Puerto Rican native worried for family in Maria's path

Luz Encarnacion grew up in Puerto Rico and now lives in Syracuse. 

The night before Hurricane Maria is set to reach land in Puerto Rico, Luz Encarnacion looks around her home, reminiscing about her childhood and thinking of family members that still live in Ceiba, Puerto Rico.

"Very sad, scared... it's just now knowing what will happen," said Encarnacion.

She's the only member of her family to come to the United States. She has aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters in Ceiba, a city along the East Coast where Hurricane Maria is expected to hit hardest.

"People there are like family," said Encarnacion. "Your neighbor is like your brother and sister. They take care of each other with limited resources."

Right now, resources are hard to come by. Luz says her family's electricity only came back on a few days ago after Hurricane Irma knocked it out. With Maria targeting the island, there are many unknowns.

"The governor said that the power lines are really weak and old, and he knows that it will be months before they are with electricity."

As Maria approaches Encarnacion's home, she will watch from a far, praying and hoping that her family and her country stay safe.

"It's hard because you want your family to be safe and you hope they'll be safe but you don't know what will happen."

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