Neighbors react to seeing mayor, Syracuse police chief on their street after homicide

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh and City Police Chief Frank Fowler addressed neighbors together Sunday after two homicides.

Wendolyn White was outside on Monday afternoon getting her spring cleaning done.

She has lived in Syracuse for more almost 15 years.

"You can always tell the type of landlords, who they rent to, and then you'll know the increase and where there's crime going on," White said.

She said it's not always violent in the immediate area and neighbors look out for one another.

But this past weekend, it was sad for her. A 32-year-old man was shot to death at a party early Sunday morning on Cortland Avenue. It was one of two homicides that occurred in Syracuse over the weekend.

White said she didn't hear anything early Sunday morning.

"I know that family that's been there. They've been there a long time so I was very surprised to find out something happened right there," White said.

Fellow neighbor Jeanette Oliver said there's been signs of bad behavior lately.

"It's a very nice neighborhood, but there has been a lot of violence going on, pretty much near here," Oliver said. "And you know, this over the weekend was very close to home."

Both said they're surprised Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh and Police Chief Frank Fowler stood near the scene on Sunday to reaffirm they will not stop fighting until the bloodshed does.

"They actually took the time to stand there, and trying to get ahead into what's going on especially in this area cause it's just disheartening when you see certain things happen around your home," said White.

"To hear about it, that lets me know that they are very concerned about us as a you know, citizens in the neighborhood," Oliver said.

While that was a welcome sight, both women said they hope the new administration doesn't lose momentum with this.

"That's one of the things that he said he was going to try to stay on top of and be a part of so I'm glad that he was out here keeping his word and hope it continues," said White.

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