Town of Seneca Falls bans landfills; Neighbors celebrate


SENECA FALLS, N.Y. -- Cheers erupted at the Seneca Falls board meeting Tuesday evening as a law was passed banning landfills in the town.

In a 4-1 vote, Local Law 3 was passed. It calls for the prohibited operation of any landfill after all current host community agreements expire. The agreement with the Seneca Meadows landfill expires at the end of 2025.

The Seneca Meadows Landfill takes up nearly 400 acres in Waterloo. It's the largest in New York State, accepting more than 6,000 tons of garbage every day.

The future of Seneca Falls is tourism, according to community leaders, and there is no room for a landfill according to councilwomen Mary Sarratori.

Neighboring homes and businesses have complained about the landfills smelly side effects for months.

Supporters said enacting the law would help protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the town of Seneca Falls by minimizing the undesirable effects of solid waste management facilities.

"I'm very satisfied with the outcome," said Jim Sadlas, a man who said the landfill has outstayed its welcome. "Its a great day for Seneca Falls."

Alongside an estimated 100 supporters of the legislation, were a handful of Seneca Meadows employee's.

“We are disappointed with tonight’s vote," said Kyle Black, the district manager at Seneca Meadows. "Local Law 3 is replete with inaccurate and unsupported assertions, and is a direct attack on our facility. Seneca Meadows is an award winning company that goes above and beyond to safeguard the environment, provides good paying jobs, and serves as an economic engine to regulate local property taxes and support vital service and charitable organizations.”

The company recently decided not to enter a contract with the Finger Lakes Railroad to have trash hauled in by train. They cited community concerns.

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