Neighbors weigh in on controversial apartment proposal

Once home to a major manufacturer, all that's left now are overgrown weeds around the blue glass windows.

It sits along Route Five, just past the heart of the Village of Fayetteville.

As a developer from Rochester eyes the property again for a new commercial and residential space, it's getting neighbors talking.

Neighbor Cindy Machan says there was hardly ever traffic on Route Five back when her family moved here 30 years ago.

"It was a sleepy little village, not a lot of traffic," Machan remembers, "not a lot of commuting traffic because you know, Chittenango was small and now Chittenango is well-developed."

She says adding more apartments means more people and cars.

While she says it's good to have more options for people to live in the village, it's going to be a nightmare during commute times.

"You go out at the wrong time, heaven forbid you forget something at the grocery store, and you have to go down the hill at four in the afternoon, coming back up the hill you're going to sit in traffic," Machan explained.

Down the street is Sue Moore, who's lived in Fayetteville her whole life.

She says the need for more affordable housing is great and more retail space would also be good.

"I think we could use something on Route Five. There really isn't any commercial past the village, and I mean I think, I think it'll be a good thing," Moore said.

Moore says it won't hurt the aesthetic of the village.

"I'm sure they're going to build them to look nice so I don't see any problem with that," Moore explained, "I would be in favor of it."

While neighbors weigh the pros and cons, the village board waits for the final version of this proposal.

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