New casino raising concerns for some Bridgeport neighbors

As crews continue construction on the multi-million dollar Oneida casino in Bridgeport, neighbors look on with concern and frustration.

Ed DeGan has been living in the area for more than three decades.

The front door of his house is just feet from the casino's main entrance.

"Nobody is happy through here. I'm not. I think it's going to be a nightmare, personally," DeGan said.

When finished, the $50 million Point Place casino will fill 65,000 square feet.

The Oneida Nation said it will create 200 jobs, but despite any benefits, DeGan worries about the traffic.

"Wait till the accidents start happening. I say and they will. I say I don't want to see accidents. Have a light out there. I want to be able to get in and out of my driveway," DeGan said.

An Oneida nation spokesperson said they have worked closely with the Town of Sullivan to address any concerns neighbors might have with the project.

Blanding Hardware sits just down the road from the casino.

Cary Blanding has been working at the family business for years.

He said he expects some issues, like traffic, but is trying to stay positive.

"I think overall it can only be beneficial in the long run for us. Not just me as a business owner ,or even a homeowner in Bridgeport, but as a community. I think it will be able to help us grow in the right direction," Blanding said.

Mixed emotions among a community that is getting ready for a new neighbor who will dramatically change the landscape in the area.

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