New high-tech drone being used by Cayuga Co. deputies

New high-tech drone being used by Cayuga Co. deputies

The Cayuga County Sheriff's Office recently acquired a new tool: a drone.

The Sheriff's Office is using a new high-tech model it picked up back in November. Most recently the drone has captured stunning photos of flooding along Lake Ontario in the northern part of the county, but deputies say the drone is also a good tool to use during search and rescue missions.

"You can actually search an area just like a helicopter could for suspects," says Deputy Sheriff David Harkness. He added, "We have several child facilities in this area, elderly homes that people wander off and we can also use this for Project Lifesaver to help locate people."

The Sheriff's Office says the drone has already been used to locate a missing person as well as to track down a suspect. They say the technology helps advance an investigation and even help protect officers on a search mission.

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