New homeless shelter opens for women in Syracuse

New homeless shelter opens for women in Syracuse

"Think about it, all of a sudden you lose your apartment for whatever reason. A fire, whether it's a loss of income and you have nowhere to go, that's scary that's really traumatic for people," said Allison Brooks of the Salvation Army.

As of late January, the Salvation Army Emergency Services team counted 571 homeless people across the three counties they serve.

444 of those people were in Onondaga County, and 65 of them were single women.

Friday, a ray of hope for the women who make up those numbers.

"There is a high need for permanent housing in this community that's high-quality," said Brooks.

The first floor is an emergency shelter for mental illness that provides meals and counseling for women.

16 apartments make up the three floors above it, and they're all furnished with appliances an a staff of case workers.

"Many of our women have experienced trauma and they've experienced domestic violence so to come to a shelter that's just for women is a relief to them," said Brooks.

"The color in there and the big windows and the light, it just creates an environment of recovery," said Syracuse Deputy Mayor Sharon Owens.

Owens says many women don't want to be in a co-ed shelter environment.

At this apartment building, women can get help finding work and planning out a budget in a secure place.

"Shelter environments traditionally are not conducive to providing a nurturing setting that women desire on their road back," explained Owens, "for many people who are homeless, they were not homeless their whole lives, circumstances got them to that place, and a place like this will provide circumstances that will help get them out.

The shelter is open for women 24 hours a day, and they have extra room to accommodate people during these especially cold months.

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