New hope in sight for Shoppingtown Mall redevelopment

Shoppingtown Mall in DeWitt (CNYCentral File Photo)

To redevelop a site like Shoppingtown Mall, Town of DeWitt officials say it’s going to require some creativity.

The voices of the people who don't want the mall to go to waste were heard Monday evening.

“Our fear is that we are going to deteriorate with it," said Michelle Gregory, one of the owners of CNY Gym Center.

She’s been watching different stores go out of business and she says it’s sad.

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“It’s been sad to see it go downhill ever since [Destiny USA] began and we would like to see something down with it," said DeWitt resident Mark Briggs.

The Town of Dewitt said they have no official plans yet. Sam Gordon, director of planning and rezoning, said the town is looking at different things to encourage redevelopment.

"We're talking with the public about how a proposed frame would work for enabling that type of lifestyle development to happen in the town," Gordon said.

Others said they do not want to see the mall as a mall anymore. They would like to see it development as a town center like the one in Fayetteville.

The last thing they want the site to be is a vacant lot.

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