New Movie Shot in Central New York

    Did you have doubts when your friends told you they would be in a movie? They just might be telling the truth.

    For the last few weeks the cast and crew of "American Dresser," a road trip adventure movie, have been filming scenes around Syracuse and Onondaga County. The film is being produced by the new Dewitt based production company Film House.

    That's not the only central New York connection. Filming has taken place at several different locations.

    "They're all major scenes," said Ryan Johnson, President and CEO of Film House.

    The production has filmed in the company's new soundstage in Dewitt as well as a few scenes at the state fair.

    "It's a very fun story and heartfelt story but you get a wild ride across America," said Johnson. "It's beautiful."

    The star of the production is Tom Berenger who is well known for his work in Platoon and Inception. The film focuses on his characters journey to find the son he never knew he had. Friends and a variety of other characters join him along the way.

    On Labor Day the crew filmed at the Gem Diner on Spencer Street. Set designer T.V. Alexander said she knew the place she visited late nights as a Syracuse University Student would be the perfect backdrop for one of the movie's scenes.

    "I had suggested it before I knew it was on (the producers) list," said Alexander.

    Many locals have served as extras in the film.

    "It's a very New York centric thing," said Johnson. "Characters are coming to New York and returning to New York."

    The movie will continue filming for the next few weeks.

    It then goes to post-production, and it should be released next summer.

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