New restaurant in North Syracuse opening with a twist

It's brand new and it's name is CORE. But, it refers to more than just your stomach.

"Everything you do in life whether it's spiritually, whether it's your physical, your starts with being centered. That's what a big part of CORE is about--helping to do the diet part of that correctly," said CORE owner, John Caveny.

John Caveny gave CNY Central an idea of what exactly the finished product will look like. He says he's toured Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. and a lot of people are eating healthy. That's why he says his eatery will hold around 100 people inside and around 40 people on the outside patio.

Caveny says the movement behind CORE has already gotten a tremendous amount of support.

"We've had a lot of people talking to us as we've gone through this process saying, 'you know this is almost like a workout when you can't get your workout in.' But, when you eat good for that meal or that day you almost feel like you've accomplished your goal," said Caveny.

And, he says it's a goal that really helps your body because it gives you the nutrients that you're looking for. So, at the end of the day, your body won't crave all of the things that are really bad for your health.

"There's something about when you start eating healthy and your body starts to respond to it. You realize you can really eat your way healthy. You can't go run yourself healthy, you can't go to the gym to get starts with your diet," said Caveny.

From the chips to the coffee, Caveny says you will not get one thing that's unhealthy on the menu. All of the dressings and food will be made from scratch everyday. He says they plan on being ready to open in the middle of next month.

CORE will be located at 7265 Buckley Road, Syracuse. To find out more about CORE, visit their



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