New State Police K9 named for Trooper killed on Thruway

A K9 named for Trooper Emerson Dillon, who was shot on the Thruway, will be patrolling the Thruway for narcotics

State Police have just graduated 15 K-9s from the Canine Handler Basic School, among them two that will work in this area.

"Dillon" is named for Trooper Emerson Dillon, who was fatally shot while chasing the suspect in a DeWitt jewelry store robbery on the Thruway in 1974. His handler is Trooper Sherron Jones, and the narcotics dog will be working out of the Thruway Troop T.

Also certified, 'Lock'. The Dutch Shepherd is a tracking machine, according to his handler, Trooper Jamie Gockel. They will work out of Troop C in Sidney. Lock is named for Sgt. John Lockhart, a 17 year State Police veteran who died in 1937 after slipping on ice while investigating a drug store burglary. It took until 2007 for his family (including a grandson trooper) to get his death registered as in the line of duty.


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