New York native heads home to Haiti ahead of Hurricane Irma

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It is a tradition that is nearly 70 years old for Sarah Sandsted and her family.

They are serving barbecue chicken to fair goers at Bakers Chicken Coop.

“My mom and her sisters run the stand and I come every year to help ever since I was a young child," Sandsted said.

However, this year Sarah is preoccupied with a storm hundreds of miles away.

Hurricane Irma is gaining strength and it looks like the monster storm might rip through Sarah's home country of Haiti.

“You never know the way a hurricane is going to shift and move. We are always ready for it. It’s scary, it’s a scary time of year," Sarah said.

Sarah moved from the U.S. to Haiti four years ago.

She comes to New York every year for fair season.

Sarah flies home on Tuesday.

Sarah said news of Irma is terrifying.

Especially, since Hurricane Matthew's devastation last year and also the catastrophic earthquake just over seven years ago.

“We are still dealing with people that aren’t in secure housing. We’re dealing with food insecurity and things like that. So, a hurricane coming on its way is just about the worse news you can get," Sandsted said.

She said the Haiti government does not have the resources to deal with major storms.

Many people in Haiti do not have adequate shelter, which makes the storm even more deadly.

“It’s right there in the middle of the Caribbean, right there where storms blow through. And so every hurricane season we sort of get ready and hope for the best," Sandsted said.

It is still unclear how Irma will affect Haiti, but Sarah said people back home are preparing as best they can.

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