No Special Prosecutor in police shooting death of Sahlah Ridgeway

Police identify woman killed in officer-involved shooting/ Facebook

SYRACUSE -- The Onondaga County District Attorney's office will handle the investigation into the death of a woman who was shot and killed by a Syracuse Police officer last Friday evening.

Police Chief Frank Fowler says Sahlah Ridgeway was armed with an illegal sawed-off shotgun and refused to drop the weapon before she was shot by an officer. That officer was in fear for "his own personal safety and that of his partner," the Chief said last Friday. Police are expected to name the officer who was involved at some point this evening.

The District Attorney's office will present evidence to a Grand Jury which will determine if the officer's actions were justified. There will not be a Special Prosecutor brought in to handle the case.

New York State is approaching some cases of police-involved shootings differently as of Summer 2015.

Under an executive order signed by the Governor, State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will review cases where an unarmed citizen is killed by police. Sahlah Ridgeway was armed, police say. The Attorney General can also review cases where it's unclear if a civilian was armed and dangerous at the time of death.

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