No wage increase for dime-an-hour New York inmates

The Cuomo administration is proposing no pay increase for state prison inmates whose wages start at 10 cents an hour and who haven't had a raise since 1993.

Most of New York's nearly 55,000 prisoners are required to work six hours a day, five days a week and earn about $1 a day.

Advocates say it's far too little for commissary items like toiletries, as well as postage stamps, prison fees, child support and leftover court fees that rise with inflation.

Corrections officials say inmates get basic amenities, they can use wages to buy preferred products, and about 2,100 prisoners average 62 cents an hour making Corcraft products like furniture and clothing.

Pay ranges up to $1.14 hourly for answering customer questions by phone for the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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