Nearby nor'easter will miss CNY, so what's next for us?

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Good Wednesday morning! As we have been telling you for several days, the 4th nor'easter of this month will not bring any direct snow to central New York. However, if you have travel plans to or through southern New England or the mid-Atlantic states, you need to be prepared for snowy travel on roads and possible delays and/or cancellations of airline flights. I will give you more specifics about the storm to our south, but first here is your forecast for CNY today:

Your forecast for this morning:
Even though CNY receives no snow from this nor'easter, a shield of cloudiness will be over our area through the course of the day. It is possible that a very pretty pre-sunrise & sunrise may occur across CNY. Start looking before the actual sunrise at 7:06 AM. If you see a pretty sunrise, send us your pictures through our Burst app by clicking here. Otherwise, expect filtered or dimming sunshine through cloud coverage. It is another cold start this morning. However, it won't be as cold as yesterday morning. Early temperatures will be in the Teens and lower 20s and rise to 30 to 35 by the lunch hour. Wind: Calm then NE to N 5-10 MPH. Wind chills will be in the Teens rising to near 20 to 25 by the lunch hour.

Your forecast for this afternoon:
Dimming sunshine through cloud coverage continues this afternoon. The thickest cloudiness will be over the southern and eastern areas. Temperatures will rise into the middle to upper 30s. The normal high for today is 45. Wind: N to NNW 10-15 with gusts to 20-25 MPH.

How much snow happens to our south and east from the nor'easter?:
Snow will continue through today and tonight. Eventually, any leftover snow over New England will push further eastward. Here is my forecast for new snowfall to our south and east. The 2nd map is a zoomed in map of the 1st map.

Will CNY receive any accumulating snow this week?:
As we have been saying this entire week, the best chance for any accumulating snow will be Thursday night into Friday morning. While the actual, nor'easter misses our area, a combination of cold air, some extra regular moisture, and a north-northwesterly wind off of Lake Ontario should provide for some steadier scattered light snow showers during this period. Most spots will probably receive just a dusting to perhaps an inch or two of snow. The best chance for more than 2" would be over the higher elevations south of Syracuse and over parts of the Finger Lakes region. See my snowfall forecast below for new snow Thursday night into Friday morning. The 2nd map is a zoomed in map of the 1st map.

Temperature trend for the next 7 days:
• Below normal temperatures today will continue for Thursday, Friday, and at least Saturday.
• The normal high temperature for Syracuse for today is 45 degrees and rises to 48 degrees by this coming Tuesday.
• The normal low temperatures for Syracuse for today is 26 and rises to 29 degrees by this coming Tuesday.
• Indications show that temperatures should get closer to normal for Monday and possibly get to 50 or higher by Tuesday.
• We will continue to monitor the weather pattern.

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