North Country businesses optimistic about coming snow season

Otter Limits in Sandy Creek

With the first significant snowfall coming to the Tug Hill Plateau and the North Country in the next few days, to some, that means money.

Several businesses are preparing for the people that will flock to the area for various winter activities once the snow comes.

Otter Limits and Liberty Fuel, in Redfield, in Oswego County, is getting ready for the droves of snowmobilers coming to town.

"Snowmobilers — lots of them. They'll start coming this weekend if we get snow, even if the trails aren't open," said owner Wendy Ranieri.

Ranieri said the establishment purchases extra stock to keep up with the amount of people who come in to grab food and supplies.

Since 2000, the Otter Limits has been a spot many come to every season.

""I think everybody depends on it. Summer time is a bit more lean," said David Ott. "We have a lot of fishermen here but they don't necessarily stay here and trade or anything like that."

Aside from the cleaning, Ott said he's ready for winter, and hopes his town will get plenty of snow.

"I'm looking for a great season, yes," Ott said. "With all the rain we had this summer, I think this area here is gonna be hit hard with snow this winter."

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