North country residents ready for snowfall

Everybody from the Cottage Inn in Copenhagen to Tugger's in Barnes Corners, is prepared for snowfall.

You couldn't tell from the crowd inside Tugger's in Barnes Corners, but there is snow on the way up in Tug Hill.

Everybody from the Cottage Inn in Copenhagen to Tugger's, is prepared for snowfall.

"It is definitely just beginning. People are just starting to come out, get their cabins rented and their RV's set up for the winter season and they're ready for the snow. We're just waiting," Donna Cobb said.

"I love the snow, the cold is ok, I like the snow. It's nice to have the change of seasons," Donald Labarge said.

"You gotta have the snow to have fun and enjoy the recreation parts, and snowmobiles," Mark Gaines said.

No matter what, people in the north country are always prepared for mother nature's dealings.

For some like Donna, the snowy season means reuniting with old friends.

"Just the business you know, we're extra busy in the winter and it's nice to see the faces that you see every year," Donna Cobb added.

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