Northside neighbors frustrated after water main break

North Beech Street in Syracuse was the affected area Wednesday.

The 300 block of North Beech Street on Wednesday afternoon was a muddy mess after an unwelcome water main break, one that disrupted families at home, like David Starkey's.

"Five kids and no water, nobody can bathe, can't cook, can't clean can't really do anything, I mean we had water coming into the basement I mean thank G-d they got it stopped and shut off when they did," Starkey explained. "That affects everybody in the neighborhood and nobody on this block had water."

"It's crazy cause I've been talking with some neighbors and they said it's not the first time that something like this happens. I've just been living here like one year ago, so it's kind of hard," said another neighbor.

Some even dealing with flooded basements-damage that doesn't dry up when the water comes back on.

"We talked to the landlord but, we don't have nothing concrete yet, so let's see what happens," said the neighbor. "Try to fix everything so we can live better."

Now, Starkey says he's hoping the city will prioritize the pipes-so another disaster doesn't happen.

"The city needs to step up their game because all the main water infrastructures in the city they're starting to deteriorate, and a lot of what happened here is going to happen all over the place," said Starkey.

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